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It's so easy!  To try the Never-Search for Golf software, we will first install a street map of North America on your PC.  Simply choose between the Internet download or a DVD installation.  Then follow the step-by-step instructions to add the latest up-to-date golf data and other points of interest.  Just click on the "Update" button at any time and recent changes become part of your personal travel map.

1.  Download and install the program (2 GB) from our Internet site
NOTE: This requires a higher speed Internet connection and cannot be downloaded over a dial-up line.

A.The download runs in the background, so you can continue to do other work on your PC.
B.The download is sent in segments.  If interrupted, the downloaded segments are saved.
C.The download can be restarted by clicking on the Never-Search download desktop shortcut icon.  This will resume the download where it left off.Never-Search shortcut icon

Click here if you choose to download the software over the Internet   


Install the program from a DVD DVD
NOTE: This requires a $3.95 shipping and processing fee be paid to mail the DVD.
Click here if you choose for us to mail you a Never-Search for Golf DVD   

If you already have a Never-Search for Golf DVD or have already downloaded the Never-Search software program and just need an Activation Code for your free trial:   Click here